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    flipping starters guide


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    flipping starters guide

    Post by Mankind on Tue Dec 09, 2014 10:39 pm


    Hello everyone, welcome . Read the WHOLE guide through before asking any questions in the friends chat.



    1.1: The basics of flipping and the Grand Exchange
    1.2: What items do we cover in this chat?
    1.3: How to request a margin and what to do with it?
    1.4: What if there is no pc'er online?
    1.5: What if my item doesn’t buy or sell? (The Rule)
    1.6: Overcutting and Undercutting (IMPORTANT!)
    1.7: Reporting your buys/sells (IMPORTANT!)
    1.8: How much profit can I make?
    1.9: Other flipping/pc'ing chats
    1.10: FAQ




    Flipping is the simple act of buying an item at a certain price (low) and selling it for a higher price (high). The profit is equal to the sell price minus the buy price.

    I buy an item for 500gp
    I sell the item for 550gp

    => Profit: 550gp – 500gp = 50gp

    Note: Click here for the Wikia guide on flipping/merching in general

    The grand exchange

    I’m won't explain the way the economy in Runescape in works, but this is what you'll need for now.

    1) Each item has a certain buy limit, this means you can only buy a certain amount of an item every 4 hours. This limit is only applied when you are buying items, you can sell as many items as you want, unlimited. There is a list of all the buy limits of the items we do below.

    2) The med price on the GE has nothing to do with our margins, our margins are based on the prices of that precise moment, while the GE prices are often outdated.

    This is a list of all the items we pc, their abbreviations and their buying limits (1/4 = 1 every 4 hours, 2/4 = 2 every 4 hours:

    Inividual Items:  
    Bandos Line:  
    BH: Bandos Helmet (1/4)
    BCP: Bandos Chestplate (1/4)
    TASS: Bandos Tassets (1/4)
    BG: Bandos Gloves (1/4)
    BB: Bandos Boots (1/4)
    BWS: Bandos Warshield (1/4)
    Armadyl Line:  
    AH: Armadyl Helmet (1/4)
    ACP: Armadyl Chestplate (1/4)
    ACS: Armadyl Chainskirt (1/4)
    AG: Armadyl Gloves (1/4)
    AB: Armadyl Boots (1/4)
    ACB: Armadyl Crossbow (1/4)
    BUCK: Armadyl Buckler (1/4)
    Subjugation Line:  
    SH: Hood of Subjugation (1/4)
    GARB: Garb of Subjugation (1/4)
    GOWN: Gown of Subjugation (1/4)
    SG: Gloves of Subjugation (1/4)
    SB: Boots of Subjugation (1/4)
    WARD: Ward of Subjugation (1/4)
    MH mace: drygore mace (1/4)
    MH rapier: drygore rapier (1/4)
    MH long: drygore longsword (1/4)
    off mace: drygore off hand mace (1/4)
    off rapier: drygore off hand rapier (1/4)
    off long: drygore off hand longsword (1/4)

    T body: torva platebody (2/4)
    T legs: torva platelegs (2/4)
    T boots: torva boots (1/4)
    T gloves: torva gloves (1/4)
    T helm: torva full helm (2/4)

    P body: pernix body (2/4)
    P chaps: pernix chaps (2/4)

    V top : virtus robe top (2/4)
    V legs: virtus robe legs (2/4)


    Requesting a margin

    If there is a pc’ers (price checker) online in the chat, you can ask for the margin of an individual item or a whole line. You can do this by typing the following in the friends chat:

    For individual items:
    The abbreviation of the item followed by ‘please’ and a question mark.
    Example: bh please?

    For lines:
    The abbreviation of the line followed by ‘please’ and a question mark.
    Example: bline please?

    - Don’t ask twice for the same pc or line within 30 seconds, most of the time the pc’er has seen your request, but he may be busy atm, have some respect and be patient!
    - Don’t put a lot of ‘?’ or ‘!’ behind requests, this is just annoying and you might get kicked for symbol spamming.
    - Remember to always put 'please' after a request, this is just normal in my opinion, if you want something, say please.

    Using the margin

    When the pc’er responded to your request, he will give you 2 numbers, these numbers are prices in thousands (k).

    bh: 3625 – 3750

    The first number is the price you would buy the item at, and the second number is the price you would sell at. So I would buy a bandos helmet on the grand exchange for 3,625,000gp and sell it for 3,750,000gp. The profit is then 125,000gp.

    If there is no pc'er online but you need margins, you can visit our forums (the website you're on now :p). If you have already registered an account on our forums, you just go to this link for the margins, and you click on the post with today's date. If you don't already have an account, you click 'register' (the blue button on the top). Good luck!


    It is possible that your item doesn’t buy as fast as you would want it to, but remember, in the Friends chat, the price checkers give you margins, that try to make buy/sell times less than 30 minutes, so don’t freak out if your item hasn’t bought in 10 minutes, patience is the key when you are flipping
    When you have waited 30 minutes already, and your item hasn't bought or sold, don’t panic. You should increase the buying price and you should decrease the price after waiting for it to sell.


    Overcutting: Buying an item for more than the given margin.
    Undercutting: Selling an item for less than the given margin.


    You should always always always tell to the active pc’er when one of your items has bought/sold. This is called ‘reporting’, and it will help the pc’er a lot to keep the margins updated, and this will make the buying/selling times faster for you.

    You should always state these things in your report:
    1)      The name of the item you are talking about (see abbreviations, 1.3)
    2)      If your are reporting a buy or sell, there are 4 possible types:

                        a)      Inb/Ib = Instant buy: this is when you were trying to buy an item and it bought immediately
                        b)      Nib = Non instant buy: this is when you were trying to buy and item and it took a certain amount of time to buy
                        c)      Ins/Is = Instant sell: this is when you were trying to sell an item and it sold immediately
                        d)      Nis = Non instant sell: this is when you were trying to sell and item and it took a certain amount of time to sell

    ! ‘Almost’ instant sell/buy doesn’t exist, it is instant or it is not!

    3)      The time it took to buy/sell


    Bh nis @ 3625 15 minutes

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